Render Technical Information

For decades render has meant various applications of differing cement/sand mixes usually followed by two coats of exterior masonry paint. Now there is "Monocouche" - a single product to satisfy all these requirements. Monocouche Renders represent years of development and practical experience in the manufacture and application of single product renders. Amongst the varied finishes is the ability to achieve an appearance similar to weathered stonework, cut 'ashlar' details, quoins and other architectural features on the facade. This technique can be used to maximum advantage when combined with other more textured finishes. It provides architects and building designers the opportunity to create original solutions for the individual project.


Monocouche Renders weatherproof and decorate exterior walls of buildings without affecting their ability to breathe.


Available in natural colours, Monocouche Renders can be finished in a variety of ways to achieve distinct architectural features.


Monocouche Renders are suitable for all types of buildings and most substrates, offering exciting opportunities for housing, commercial and industrial buildings in rural and urban areas.


Pumped and spray applied, Monocouche Renders offer most highly efficient and cost effective method of rendering large and modest areas. They may also be hand applied.


in labour and scaffold time plus faster completion mean that Monocouche Renders offer real cost benefits over traditional methods.


The carefully selected colours and aggregates that make up the range of Monocouche Renders produce a decorative finish that will mature naturally and blend with its surroundings, giving years of trouble free service.

Aesthetics, Performance, Productivity and Service

Range of finishes:

Particular to Monocouche Renders is the range of seven finishes that can be achieved. They can be used as a complete finish, grouped one with another or combined with other building materials to provide areas of contrasting colours and texture.


The high quality and performance inherent in all Monocouche Renders ensures a long lasting solution requiring minimal maintenance.

Proven technique:

Monocouche Renders are specially formulated, cement-based, ready coloured renders incorporating additives and have been widely used throughout the EC for over thirty years.


Each Monocouche Render has been awarded a certificate of assessment in the UK by BBA or WIMLAS (accepted under the Building Regulations and by the NHBC).


Monocouche Renders are sprayed mechanically or hand applied in one or two passes directly onto the prepared substrate. The final thickness will vary according to the nature and condition of the background and the required protection from weather.

Weber Render systems
Technical service:

Weber & Broutin's team of highly trained representatives is available to give guidance on any application relating to Monocouche Renders. They will visit the site, examine substrates and offer suitable specification for the individual project.